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Hi there! I am formally known as Catherine Langley, however I plan to rename myself to Blessed True, for reasons too long to explain. I currently study Law LLB, I am in my first year, at Brunel university. I have a specific interest in family law and the ambition to become a family court judge.

I expect to gain from my summer school visit in India, an introduction to a new culture and way of life. I am excited to learn about anthropology and spiritual beliefs which would aid my personal growth. Additionally, I am curious to investigate further into law by exploring Indian legislation and comparing differences between the UK.

Furthermore, I have never been outside of London, and I am excited to explore different cultural norms. I hope I can adapt quick enough to the Indian way of life. Moreover, I have watched various youtubers explore India’s beauties such as the Taj mahal and the capital, Deli. Thus, I am also excited to inform my family and friends that I am the first to go to India! The opportunity to experience in the flesh the different type of music, food, the clothes creates an exhilarating suspense.

Furthermore, it would be my first time on an airplane, I hope I’m not afraid of flying! I slightly dread the fact that there is no Wi-Fi on airplanes, and I am so not prepared to be seated for over 12 hours. My next mission is to discover a way to make myself tired enough to sleep on the plane. This will probably be accomplished by planning sleep deprivation 2 days prior to the flight and a large consumption of alcohol on board, obviously I am not planning to go through security drunk, imagine that!! And also, pray there is no loud, disruptive things on board called children. This is seriously essential, my friend, 12 hours without a cigarette will not be possible unless I sleep! Maybe ill download a couple movies from some illegal/ free website to entertain me just in case the excitement of arriving in India prevents my intoxicated sleep deprived body from snoozing.

Overall, I look to make friends internationally and embrace the Indian culture whilst learning new spiritual elements of Hinduism. I hope to gain lifelong connections and lessons about a different way of life. I can not wait to go to India!