IMG_8463 2An introduction to me:

Welcome to the blog for the 2019 Summer school to Amity University Noida, India.

Hello I’m Amber,  and I am a second year Journalism student at Brunel University, and I have applied for the CBASS Summer School Programme to India.

Why did I apply?

I decided to apply for the summer school programme as I am not well travelled and by taking part in the programme gives myself the opportunity to immerse myself in something that is totally new to me. In particular, I chose to attend the summer school at Amity because I for me to stood out against the other summer schools as having read the blog posts from students from previous years India was unlike what they had expected which was something that was the inspiration behind my decision.

As a Student Ambassador for the university, I regularly represent the university on open days so when the opportunity to represent the university internationally came to my attention I was quick to send in my application as the combination of traveling abroad paired with ambassadorial duties allow myself to do present the university in and a different way.

The programme also gives the chance for me to see more of the world as am yet to travel outside of Europe. and therefore the opportunity allowed not only for myself to experience live in another country but the chance to tell others what Brunel is like to strengthen the universities international relations.


Having read some of the blog entries from previous summer school trips I am expecting the unexpected! Many of the students who have been on the trip previously have said that India and Amity are not like anything they could have anticipated and so I hope to have an unforgettable trip.

However, while I am out there I do expect to encounter some cultural differences as well as difficulties in adjusting to the hot climate and the diverse foods that I will be confronted with. Although with the help and support of my fellow students and the Amity buddies I feel these differences are something I will be able to overcome

Aims of the trip

Not being well travelled, for myself going to India is about the immersing myself in a culture that is otherwise unknown. While I am out there I aim to try new foods, learn about the culture and participate whatever comes my way.

Furthermore, through the experience of going to a new country, I hope to use my passion for photography to capture another side of India that many tourists may look past. Through the lens of my camera, I want to be able to present the diverse range of people I may encounter as well as the differences I find in the new international setting. By documenting my trip I hope it will produce something I can look back on and have fond memories instead of documenting my trip through selfies.