Hello and welcome to the start of my India journey.

A short introduction to me…

What should you know about me?

My name is Megan and I am currently a second year Anthropology student, with a passion for travel and experiencing and exploring other cultures. I love to swim ans read, I am also really into conservation and protecting the environemnt. I volunteer regularly at a museum in london as well as attend activist events such as talks and protests. I consider myself to be an active member of Brunel University. As an enthusiastic individual who loves to meet new people as well as try new things the CBASS international summer school programme was right up my street. Especially the summer school programme in India with its emphasis on cultural immersion.

Why did I apply for the CBASS India summer school?

Glancing through my blackboard notifications over the Christmas holidays, in order to make sure I hadn’t missed anything important whilst on placement, I noticed the notification from CBASS about an international summer school programme. Having read India in the tagline I decided to open the document and find out more about what this international summer school programme entailed. It turned out it involved a lot of what I was interested in. From cultural immersion to studying internationally to meeting students from another university as well as from my own but from different subject backgrounds, this was just the thing I liked to involve myself in. As someone who has always wanted to visit India I applied…

What do I expect to gain from this experience?

I am an incredibly talkative and outgoing but have limited experience travelling internationally without my family. From the India Summer School, I hope to gain confidence in experiencing new cultures and travelling to unfamiliar places. More importantly however I expect that from India I will be able to learn about new industries, enhance my practical knowledge of other cultures that can then be applied to my course and learn to rely more on other people.

As a very independent person I look forward to the opportunity to meet new people and rely on others’ knowledge to guide me in a new environment. I expect that I’ll encounter early morning starts (not a problem for me, as I am definitely a morning person), spontaneous activities and/or trips, new foods and new attitudes. I may encounter some problems, potentially coming into difficulty with adapting to a new environment, or in experiencing ‘culture shock’ but I expect this will only work to my benefit in the long-term, helping me to grow as an individual. I anticipate the work that is expected of me both before and on my return from India, as a student ambassador where my time management skills will most definitely come in handy when it comes to balancing my commitments. Most of all from this opportunity, I hope to gain experiences that will stay with me for a long time and help me in my academics, employ-ability and personal development.

Final thoughts…

I am very much looking forward to the India summer school programme. Having never travelled to India or experienced such a different culture I am looking forward to the challenges I may face and the memories that I will make.